Jessica Jones: Alias Vol 1

jessica jones.jpg
Jessica Jones:Alias Vol. 1 by Brian Michael Bendis collects the Alias comics 1-9 that launched the Jessica Jones storyline that has become the very popular Netflix Marvel series. In the volume one graphic novel collection Jessica finds herself and her fledgling private investigator career already too deep for comfort.

Asked to find a missing sister for a client, Jessica follows the young woman to her home. The missing girl is in the company of a handsome man whose beeper goes off. He must be a doctor or a cheating husband she thinks, until the man in question goes to the roof of the building and begins to disrobe, showing the costume underneath and now Jessica knows, the real reason she was sent to film the girl.

jessica jones 2.jpeg

“…My name is Jessica Jones. This is my apartment. In a spectacularly paranoid move I have been standing here staring at it for-let’s see-forty-two minutes. It’s not like I don’t have a reason. I have a humongo reason. I am holding a videotape that people would kill for…”

jessica jones 3.jpg

Now Jessica finds herself in the middle of a seedy backroom deal to discredit not only the President of the United States but one of the country’s greatest superheroes. And of course, it gets even worse, when the girl she was first hired to find winds up murdered.

These awesome noir inspired tales that Brian Michael Bendis wrote for the now defunct Max line of comics are terrific and those of us who saw these books as a gimmick by Marvel are now clamoring to find these rare copies. But until we can get the actual comics we will just have to do with the graphic novel collections.


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