Batman: Europa by Brian Azzarello

batman europa.jpg
Batman: Europa with Brian Azzarello at the helm and Jim Lee working on the artwork should be a sure fire success. With the mystery setting in the major cities of Europe and Batman and Joker working together to save one another’s lives. this seems like it would have been so much better than it really was.

This 4 issue arc has Batman infected with a virus that is slowly killing him. The clues point to four major cities in Europe and the one person who can help Batman solve the puzzle, is infected with the virus as well. It is of course, the Joker.

batman europa2.jpg

This four issue arc is a team up with the Batman and the Joker as they cross Europe trying to find out who has poisoned them. But of course, how much can the Batman really trust the Joker.

batman europa 3.jpg

I love Brain Azzarello and am normally blown away with his work, second to Scott Snyder, he is my favorite Batman writer currently doing the caped crusader. But with this one I fell flat. The mystery is not well formatted and the eventual villain just kinds of pops in out of nowhere. Of course Bats makes the comment that he would have figured it all out earlier had he not been infected but really, because the guy was never around at all in the prior three comics.

The artwork is awesome and very different from what you would normally expect in a Batman comic book but if feels a little like the story itself was sacrificed to showcase the art and that is too bad. Batman has always been about the story.

A good series but if you miss it, you won’t be kicking yourself over this one.

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