The Beauty by Jeremy Haun

the beauty.jpg

The Beauty, Vol.1 by Jeremy Haun and Jason Hurley is an inventive, completely original mix of horror, science fiction and criminal procedure tale in graphic novel form. Haun not only collaborates on the story but takes over the artwork as well.

“…Two years ago, a new sexually transmitted disease took the world by storm. This S.I.D. was unlike any other that had come before. This was a disease that people actually wanted. Victims of this epidemic was physically changed by the virus. Fat melted away, thinning hair returned, skin blemishes faded, and their facial features slimmed. It became known as the Beauty…”

In a society obsessed with physical appearance, what if perfection was only one sexual encounter away?

the beauty2.jpgthe beauty3.jpg

The vast majority of the population has already taken advantage of it. But what they don’t realize is that Beauty comes at a great cost. Detectives Vaughn and Foster are becoming aware of the price of Beauty as body after body piles up. But the powers that be want to keep the secrets of the virus hidden and the Detectives will have to battle past corrupt politicians, federal agents and a serial killer mercenary of intense brutality.

The Beauty was brought to my attention by Netgalley of all places and I picked it without much anticipation of how good it would be. Boy was I surprised. I have to admit. I missed this one. I totally missed how good this book truly is. Volume one collects books #1 – #6 in the series and I will find book #7 and continue on with this tale.

the beauty4.png

The world of The Beauty mirrors our own and with a few exceptions is incredibly believable. Haun has created a society where the once frown upon act of wanton sex actually has the by product of giving you what you desire most. Not love but Beauty. The moment in the book where Detective Foster realizes that not only is he infected when he looks in the mirror one morning and sees himself looking years younger. But he also realizes that the woman he loves has been cheating on him as well is one of those plot twists you don’t often get in a graphic novel. Haun has written this tale as if it was an actual paperback novel and the awesome artwork just adds to the telling of the story.

A terrific read not to be missed!


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