Monday’s Mutant is Rogue


Rogue is the X-Men’s Southern Belle. Her history was initially kept secret and her first appearance was actually in an Avenger’s Annual before she became one of the X-Men. She was first introduced to the comic book world as a villain, the orphan taken in by Mystique. All we know about Rogue to begin with is that her name was Anna Marie and she has the involuntary power to absorb the superpowers of anyone she touches. At times, it the touch goes on long enough, she is able to remove their memories as well, in effect, erasing them from existence. This has the added effect of making Rogue a physical pariah. She is unable to touch another living being in fear of destroying them.

rogue 2.jpg

Rogue runs away from home and is taken in by Mystique and the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Raised to battle for the Brotherhood, Rogue goes up against the Avengers and permanently absorbs the psyche and Kree powers of Ms. Marvel, Carol Danvers. The act nearly drives her mad and she reforms from her acts and seeks help from Professor Xavier. At first she is mistrusted by the X-Men because of her past but after time they come to accept her as part of their team.

rogue 1.png

But Rogue cannot never redeem herself for what she did to Ms. Marvel, a part of Carol Danvers will always live in her mind.

rogue 3.jpg

Rogue is known by her green outfit, southern accent and the white streak that runs through her hair.



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