Star Trek – Manifest Destiny

manifest destiny.jpg

Star Trek: Manifest Destiny by Mike Johnson is an original tale using the young crew of the Enterprise. It appears to be one of the adventures of the Starship using the features of the crew that is currently part of the newer movie franchise. As the Federation is expanding, so it seems, is the Klingon Empire.

On the outskirts of the galaxy the rules of war are set by the Commander of the occupying army and when that Commander is a violent and bloodthirsty Klingon, then genocide begins. Months later, the Starship Enterprise receives a distress beacon to this same distant planet. The planet itself is honeycombed with caverns and it is in one of these that the landing party finds the beacon. What they also find is an ambush. In the caverns the away team is attacked and in space, the Klingon warship uncloaks.

manifest destiny2.jpg

This version of the Klingon empire is brutal and totalitarian, more so than we have ever seen before. The opening pages of Manifest Destiny show them slaughtering the inhabitants of the planet, even the children, only keeping some able bodied men and breeding age women to create a slave race for them. This is one of the earliest contacts between the Enterprise and the Klingons.

What makes this comic so good is that we have the easy banter between the Enterprise crew that is a staple of the new movie franchise next to the cruel actions of the Klingons. Let’s be real, the Klingons have of late in Star Trek, been something of a tame puppy. Here in Manifest Destiny, we see the untamed wolves of their past.

A terrific addition to the lore for all trekkies to love!


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