Tuesday’s Tragedy – The Murder of Jack Murdock


Jonathan Murdock, Jack for short, lived in Hell’s Kitchen, New York. He fell in love with Maggie Grace and they had a child together. But Jack’s long hours and time away was too much for Maggie and she left him. Not wanting his son to hate his own mother, Jack told him that she had died. He then went on to raise his son as a single father. Finding it difficult to make ends meet, he took on work as a mob enforcer, for a criminal known as the Fixer, to supplement his earnings as a small time boxer.


One day his son sees him beating a man in an alleyway and runs from the scene, shocked by Jack’s actions. Before Jack has an opportunity to explain, his son is in an accident saving an elderly man from being run over. However in the act of saving the elderly man, Jack’s son is blinded by a chemical spill.


Jack swears off his criminal activity and works hard to afford his son the opportunity to go to college and law school. But the Fixer returns and proves to Jack that he has always been controlling Jack’s future and if he wants to keep his career, Jack will throw one last fight for him. Jack reluctantly agrees. As the fight progresses, he spots his son in the audience and knows he cannot lose this fight on purpose. He battles and wins the match. Knowing his fate is sealed, he steps out of the arena into a dark alley where he is set upon by the Fixer’s men and is beaten to death.


Realizing just what has happened, his son vows to bring his father’s killers to justice. It is here that the young Matt Murdock becomes the Daredevil.








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