Thursday’s Therapy Session – Hal Jordan

green lantern.jpg

Thursday’s Therapy session is for Hal Jordan, The Green Lantern who goes mad during DC’s Emerald Twilight story arc of Green Lantern #48 – #50 of 1994.

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Shortly after the death of Superman at the hands of Doomsday, began the Reign of Superman, and the emergence of the Cyborg Superman. This variation of Superman, along with the alien tyrant Mongul, destroy Hal Jordan’s former home, Coast City and murder all of its seven million inhabitants. Mongul’s design is to replace Coast City with Engine City and begin to change the Earth into a new Warworld. Jordan, who was away at this time, returns to find his home destroyed and all those he loved killed. He defeats Mongul and in his grief, using his power ring, begins to rebuild Coast City. Even re-creating versions of his girlfriend and parents. A projection of a Guardian appears to Hal and admonishes him for using the ring for his personal desires. Hal is summoned back to Oa for discipline. Angered at the Guardian for his callousness, Hal absorbs the energy from the Guardian’s projection and goes insane. He attacks Oa and kills several of the Green Lantern Corps, taking their power rings for himself.


green lantern3.jpeg       green lantern4.jpg

Hal renounces the Green Lanterns and calls himself Parallax as he absorbs the Power Battery’s immense power. Earth’s heroes are becoming aware of what is happening and go to Oa to confront Hal. Jordan quickly defeats his old friends and sends them all back to Earth, warning them to leave him alone.

green lantern5.jpg  green lantern6.jpg

As Parallax, Hal decides to rewrite history and destroys the Time Trapper and begins to recreate the universe into a more peaceful and perfect place. This act creates the story line of Zero Hour: Crisis in Time for the DC Universe. Earth’s heroes once again battle Hal as Parallax and this time they defeat him, with his best friend the Green Arrow firing an arrow into a weakened Hal Jordan’s chest.

Jordan, realizing after all that has passed the evil he has done in his grief and as the entity Parallax makes one final act as a hero. With the sun losing its power due to a being called the Sun Eater, Hal flies into Earth’s Sun and sacrifices himself. Using what remaining power he had absorbed to replenish the Sun.

Jordan would return to the DC Universe and the host body of the Spectre.



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