Tokyo Ghost: The Atomic Garden

tokyo ghost.jpg
Tokyo Ghost, Vol. 1: Atomic Garden by Rick Remender is tour de force of storytelling that will remind readers of the original, futuristic tales that gave birth to Mad Max and Blade Runner. In this story of technology gone wild, we have a battle for the last garden of humanity untouched by the corrupted and greed of a futuristic world. That garden of Eden is Tokyo where the inhabitants of the city still live by the creed and code of the ancient Samurai. But more so is the battle for the souls of the two sent to find this City and deliver it into the hands of the world surrounding it.

In 2089, humanity is addicted to a drug far more powerful than any narcotic. It is technology and the buzz it gives it stronger than anything else in the world. It is all people live for and gangsters control it all. When these gangsters need help enforcing their rules, they turn to Constables Led Dent and Debbie Decay.

tokyo ghost2.jpg

But now, Dent and Decay are given a job that they are ill prepared to handle. They are sent to a land that will seduce them and remind them what it is to be human. The last tech-less country on Earth: The Garden Nation of Tokyo. Will they be able to deliver Tokyo to their employers or will the Garden Nation of Tokyo seduce them.

tokyo ghost3.jpg
This is a terrific story of jaded reality coming to a clash with the zen like dream of personal peace. Can a man and woman who only know violence and force, learn to love and live in peace? The battle for Tokyo actually becomes a battle for the very soul of Dent and Decay and it is a vision of a dark future where humanity’s dependency upon technology leads us to become not only its slaves, but it junkies as well.

A well told and powerful story filled with terrific artwork. A real good read.


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