Saga Vol. 1 by Brian K. Vaughan

Saga, Vol. 1 by Brian K. Vaughan is the kind of adult themed comic book that only an independent publisher can kick out because the the big two, Marvel and DC, lack the faith and trust in their writers and artists to give them this kind of freedom. Thank goodness for Image and their commitment to the artists and writers.

“…Am I shitting? It feels like I’m shitting…”

Marko and Alana are two soldiers on opposite sides of a galactic war. Marko is captured and held as a prisoner of war and Alana is one of his jailers. They bond over a book. But it is much more than a book. It is an idea that becomes a belief system that becomes love. A love they are willing to risk everything for.

Which brings us to now, Alana spread eagle in the back of a body shop about to give birth to their forbidden love child. Surrounded by troops from both sides, they escape with their newborn daughter. But the armies of their people are not the only ones chasing them. Freelancers, killers for hire are also after them. The orders are simple, kill the parents and take the child.

Add in killers with televisions for heads, sexy girl in a spider/crab body, a bordello that specializes in children, a dead ghost girl missing the bottom half of her body for a babysitter and an organic space ship and you have the beginning of Saga.

All of this before Alana ever gets to meet her in-laws.

Wit and sex and bloody battles with a morale tale that often eludes mainstream comics is what makes Saga so good. The two warring factions, lets not miss that one has wings and the other has horns on its head, battle across the galaxy, destroying the indigenous people on whatever planet that fight upon. The eternal struggle of good and evil, only it has long past when one could tell which was good and which was evil. There is only the fight left.


Two star crossed lovers and their child are a danger to the powers that be. The concept that the two civilizations could actually co-exist and the proof of it in the child? The philosophy that war is wrong and the embrace of the pacifist by Marko and Alana is threatened as they must fight to protect their baby. This is not just a tale of us against the world. It is literally an us against the galaxy tale.

A fun, creative and daring comic!


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