Rat Queens, Vol #1 – Sass and Sorcery

rat q.jpg

Rat Queens, Vol.1: Sass & Sorcery by Kurtis J. Wiebe is one of the most fun reads I have come across in graphic novels in sometime. There is no high and mighty or subtle little moral lesson here. No commentary on the social and economic travails of our modern world hidden in the ambiguity of futuristic science fiction. Instead what we have in Rat Queens is, in the words of our esteemed modern day philosopher; Cyndi Lauper, is a book that shows that girls just want to have fun!


The Rat Queens, Betty, Dee, Hannah, and Violet are busted for tearing up the town in yet, another drunken brawl. Their punishment, clean out the caves surrounding the town of goblins. What the Rat Queens and the other mercenaries for hire don’t know yet is that it’s trap. What awaits the Rat Queens is an assassin with deadly skills. But theses are the Rat Queens and killing them is a tough task for anyone. What the Rat Queens don’t realize is that there really is a troll like Goblin in the caves and it loves smashing and killing. And worse, it has a temperamental girlfriend too…


A totally cool book of swords and sorcery and drinking and looting and sex and troll killing and ninja like magic assassins and dwarves and elves and Squid Gods and long beards with bluebirds living in them and massive army battles and wit and insecurity and parental issues and of course, The Betty; tequila vodka and magic mushrooms.

A cool fun read in a genre that is starting to take itself too seriously.



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