Monday’s Mutant is Destiny


Some of the most interesting characters in the X-Men are those that are considered to be supporting characters.  However, with the history of the mutant Mystique being changed by the X-Men movie franchise, some of these characters are becoming lost to the current comic book fan. One such character is the mutant Irene Adler aka Destiny.

Destiny is a mutant precognitive, who is  able to accurately predict future events. When her powers first began to manifest themselves, Destiny sought out the aid of a Consulting Detective to aid her with dealing with her newfound powers. This Detective was Raven Darkholme or also referred to as Eric Raven. This character was the mutant known as Mystique . During this time Destiny wrote down her visions of the future, these became known as the Books of Truth. These visions also eventually robbed Destiny of her sight and rendering her blind.



The two women worked together to decipher the visions and became lifelong friends and lovers. Their goals were similar but nearly impossible, they not only wanted to know the future but to somehow shape it as well. In this quest they created the Brotherhood of Mutants and would later on raise an adopted daughter together, the mutant known as Rogue. They would remain together as a family until Destiny’s eventual death.


Destiny was a controversial addition to the mutant universe when she came to be in 1981, X-Men #141. She met the mutant Mystique somewhere back in the early 1900s, which would make Mystique far older than what is thought of today. They fell in love and it was intended by creator Chris Claremont, that they would be a couple. A gay comic book couple in 1981 at Marvel Comics. This idea was squashed by not only the Comic Code Authority but by Marvel Policy which would not accept a gay or bisexual relationship in 1981. Instead they were considered close friends. It was only later, as Marvel changed management and the Comic Code Authority fell to the side, that the truth of the relationship came to light and Destiny and Mystique came out of the closet. By that time Destiny was dead and what we know of their relationship is in the memories of Mystique and the child they raised together. Claremont was so invested in this concept of the relationship between the two women that he had them actually having a biological child together. Mystique would take the form of a man for the act of conception and Destiny would be the mother and carry the child to term. The child in question was to be the mutant Nightcrawler. Instead they ended up adopting a child that had run away from home when her mutant abilities manifested. That child was the mutant Rogue.


In a final twist, it was also revealed much later that Destiny, Irene Adler, is actually the Irene Adler of Sherlock Holmes fame.



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