Aliens vs Vampirella by Corinna Bechko

aliens vamp.jpg
Aliens vs Vampirella #1 by Corinna Bechko is an original, terrifically told story that does the amazing feat of fitting in with both of the mythos surrounding the two main characters. Vampirella, who has been around forever and the popular, more recent addition to pop culture; Aliens. This science fiction and horror mash up is sure to delight fans of both icons.

On a colonial base on the planet Mars, a crew awaits the arrival of their newest member with anticipation and fear. With what they have found in the depths of the inhospitable planet, they know only her expertise will help them. For underground are signs of prior habitation by a species once thought to be only myth and nightmares. But she is the living dead embodiment that they exist. For on Mars, the crew has found the remains of Nosferatu and they know the only person who can help them with this is the vampire, Vampirella.

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But as they dig deeper into the catacombs to come to realize that there was a greater evil at work on the planet than vampires. A creature that is best left undisturbed. But it is too late and now Vampirella and the human crew must face a danger they have no way of defeating. For how can a vampire drink the blood of its enemy, when that blood is acid?

A terrific storyline. Bechko does not rely on the sex appeal of Vampirella to sell this story, in fact, for once the buxom and beautiful vampire is pretty covered up throughout the book. The legendary red one piece is seen only briefly in the first book and then she is in a purple jumpsuit throughout the rest of the tale. Something that is not a detraction in this well crafted and action packed book.

aliens vamp3.jpg
Vampirella has teamed up with plenty of other pop icons and comic book characters through the years and Aliens has faced off against more than its share as well. But here we have a match up that renders one of the opponents almost helpless as the ability to kill her enemy and feed off of them is removed from the equation. So instead we have a tale of escape. A cat and mouse story that feeds directly into the Alien storyline only instead of Ripley, we have Vampirella. And it works.

A fun and terrific tale.


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