Monday’s Mutant is Weapon X

weapon x.jpg

Mondays Mutant is Weapon X from the Age of Apocalypse storyline

weapon x2.jpg

The Age of Apocalypse storyline that ran in 1995-1996 and for a short time actually replaced the X-Men comic book line was a glossy makeover of the mutant universe that told the tale of an alternate universe that came into being after the murder of Charles Xavier by Legion.

In this universe the character of Wolverine/Logan is a reluctant member of the X-Men who goes by the name of Weapon X. In this Universe, Magneto never rips the adamantium out of Wolverine’s body and it is actually Magneto who aids Logan in controlling his rages as Professor X does not exist.

Other differences in this series are that Weapon X, along with his partner, actually work for the Human High Council and carry out covert missions for them. His partner is his lover, Jean Grey.

weapon x3.jpg

Logan is also missing a hand, sheared off by an optic blast from Cyclops, who in turned, lost an eye in the battle with Weapon X. There is a metal stump that covers his hand but the claws still exist underneath. In this universe there is a separate character called Wolverine who works as a tracker for Apocalypse.

In this series Jean has a change of heart and sees the actions of the Human High Council as evil. It is the act of dropping nuclear weapons on the populace that makes her see the truth. They separate but Logan begins to see that she is correct and struggles to find her before the bombs fall.

weapon x4.jpg


One thought on “Monday’s Mutant is Weapon X

  1. ‘Age of Apocalypse’ is my ALL TIME favorite X-Men storyline! Thanks for giving The AOA version of Logan the shout out he deserves.

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