Tuesday’s Tragic Comic Moment – The Murder of the X-Men by the Wolverine

old man logan

Tuesday’s Tragic Moment comes courtesy of the original Old Man Logan comic arc by Mark Millar in 2008.

Throughout the series it is hinted that the persona of the Wolverine died on the day the villains attacked. On that night the X-Mansion was under assault and Wolverine, unable to find any of his teammates slaughters the attackers in an effort to save the children in the mansion. When the last attacker dies in his arms, he realizes that it was all an illusion.

wolverine kills x-men.png

wolverine kills x-men3.jpg

The evil villain Mysterio created an illusion that forced the Wolverine to see the children under attack from super villains. Only there were no villains and the attackers were actually the X-Men themselves. Wolverine, in his rage to protect the children, brutally slaughters the X-Men, murdering them all. The final one, dying in his arms, is the young mutant Jubilee.

wolverine kills x-men 4.jpg

In his grief Wolverine lays his head on train tracks hoping to die. The freight train does not kill him, the healing factor kicks in and Wolverine comes back to life, with the full knowledge that he had killed everyone he loved. He puts away the identity of Wolverine and refuses to ever fight again, becoming the tormented pacifist that is the central character of Old Man Logan.


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