Catwoman: The Game (the new 52)


Catwoman, Vol. 1: The Game by Judd Winick is the start of the Catwoman series, issues 1-7 during the much maligned New 52 run. Now that it is over and we are on the way to Rebirth, lets take a quick look back at some of the books that were actually pretty good during this brief time. Catwoman certainly stands at the top in this respect.

Selina Kyle, Catwoman, has a serious problem. She has an addiction. She’s addicted to shiny objects, danger, Batman and the night. Only this time, Selina may have stolen from the wrong people and when latest place gets torched, she’s in need of a new place and new work. Only this time, she may have bitten off more than even Catwoman can chew.



“…I don’t think he knows who I am. Although he is the master detective. So, maybe. But I sure as hell don’t know who Batman is. And I don’t need to know. This isn’t the first time. Usually its because I want him. Tonight I think its because I need him. Every time…he protests. Then…gives in. And he seems…angry. But that doesn’t slow either of us down. Still…it doesn’t take long…and most of the costumes stay on…”

This is a Selina Kyle we have all dreamed about but DC was afraid to give to us. Visceral, sexy, vulnerable and full of spite and anger. Dangerous, yes and needing the danger to make her fell alive. Now she may have gotten all the danger she can handle. From a mid level mobster named the Bone to a Metahuman named Reach hired by the cops to break her. And as always, there is the Batman and their relationship that just keeps getting more and more complicated.


With the Game, we get the Catwoman we have all dreamed about. This is not your father’s Selina Kyle but it is the one he has been having wet dreams about. Think Michelle Pfieffer in her own movie, only directed by Quentin Tarantino and you have the Catwoman who started in the New 52. She has settled some since then, becoming the crime boss of Gotham and all that. But here, in the start of the New 52, she is all her troubled and crazy self.

The kind of girl only the Batman could handle, and even then, not so much.


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