Monday’s Mutant of the day is Blink!

Monday’s Mutant of the day is Blink!


Blink is a character who achieved some fame for a short time after the X-Men Storyline “The Phalanx Covenant”. The Phalanx is a technological race that would target worlds to assimilate, much like the Borg of Star Trek Next Generation. Only it found it could not assimilate Mutants, so instead it would capture them and experiment on the mutants to find out what made them so different. Blink was among those kidnapped, along with Husk, M, and Skin. This group would later become the founding members of Generation X.


Blink is descended from the immortal mutant Apocalypse, of the Clan Akkaba. Her power is a form of teleportation. Her first appearance was in the Uncanny X-Men #317, though she did appear on a computer screen in X-Men #36 the month prior to the release of #317. In the Phalanx Covenant, Blink sacrifices herself to save the team. She is at this time, never even given a codename, but was referred to as Blink because of the sound she made when she would teleport.


As is in comic book land, Blink returns from her presumed death and then receives the moniker, Blink. In her origin story she grew up as Clarice Ferguson whose lineage could be traced back to Apocalypse. One of the more unique traits of this character is that the Blink most comic book fans are aware of is actually from an alternate universe then the tales told in the X-Men books.

She was one of the mutants who made it onscreen with a decent representation in the X-Men movie; Days of Future Past.



One thought on “Monday’s Mutant of the day is Blink!

  1. I was JUST talking about “The Phalanx Covenant” yesterday! Haha, this was a very well timed post for me. Thanks for the refresher!

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