Tuesday’s Tragic Moment – Angel’s wings are amputated!


Tuesday’s Tragic Moment – Angel’s wings are amputated!


When the original X-Men disbanded and then formed the team X-Factor, they did so being financially backed by the mutant, Warren Worthington III, aka, Angel. Up until this point, Angel was something of a secondary character on the team, much like Iceman, as Cyclops, Jean Grey and Beast took much of the spotlight. His character, much like its namesake, was just a good guy without too much going on in the background.


As the original X-Men reunite under the team known as X-Factor, they develop a reputation as mutant hunters, while they are secretly helping mutants. Warren brings on his old friend Cameron Hodge to be his public relations for the team. Unfortunately, Warren doesn’t realize that Hodge secretly harbors a hatred for mutants and begins to use his position and Warren’s money to create and build even greater anti-mutant sentiment.

angel 2.jpg

During a battle with the Morlocks, Angel’s wings become damaged by the mutant Harpoon. Warren is hospitalized and while he is under, Hodge convinces the doctors to amputate his wings. Convinced that his friend did this to save his life, Warren names Hodge as his beneficiary. Depressed, Warren quits the team, leaves his girlfriend Candy and boards a plane to leave. The plane, sabotaged by Hodge, explodes in midair.


Unknown to his friends and the rest of the world, Warren does not die in the explosion but is rescued by the mutant Apocalypse. Apocalypse offers to restore wings back to Warren if he will serve him. Warren agrees to the procedure and Apocalypse turns him into one of his four horsemen; Archangel, Death.


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