Grayson, Vol 3: Nemesis



Grayson, Vol 3: Nemesis continues the undercover mission of Dick Grayson as he puts his superhero person behind him and moves into the realm of super spy for Spyral. The Nemesis storyline has Dick in a crisis. He is tired of the duality of working with Spyral and the amnesia of Bruce Wayne after Endgame, has left Grayson exiled and on his own.

Grayson takes on not only Lex Luthor, but must also save Agent 1. But to do so he ends up facing off against his most deadly foe. He ends up battling an impostor able to mimic his moves and take on his identity. In the midst of this he returns home to Gotham to find out for himself just what has become of the Batman after his great and final battle with the Joker in Endgame. What he finds is a Bruce Wayne who has lost all memory of who he once was. For Dick this is doubly dangerous as Bruce as the Batman was the only person from his old life that knew that Dick Grayson was still alive. Left with no other choice, Dick Grayson reveals himself to the Bat Family, very much still alive.

Grayson is a comic book that orbits the Batman universe, much like Gotham Academy does, but stands on its own very well. With his every present wit and skill, Dick Grayson separates himself from the Robin and Nightwing persona and discovers an identity and personality that is all his own in a world not populated with superheros but is just as dangerous. One part Bond and one part Batman, this is a grown up comic that will please the most ardent Gothamite.

A fun and thrilling read.

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