Monday’s Mutant – Juggernaut! Okay I know he’s not really a mutant but….



Cain Marko, The Juggernaut, came into being back in July of 1965, in issue #12 of The X-Men. Created by the legendary team of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, Marko became one of the most imposing yet confusing characters ever to threaten the X-Men. At times written as a powerful unstoppable force but with the mental abilities of a child, the Juggernaut could have been an adversary of the level of Magneto.


Marko’s mother died when he was very young and left him in the hands of an abusive father, Doctor Kurt Marko. After the death of his colleague Doctor Brian Xavier, Kurt Marko marries Xavier’s widow Sharon, and takes his son to live in Xavier’s Westchester mansion with Sharon and her son Charles Xavier. Kurt favors the young boy Charles over his own son with fills Cain with jealousy, causing him to lash out at the weaker and smaller Charles. As Kurt abuses Cain, so does Cain bully Charles. But Charles, as is his way, tries to use his psychic ability to ease his step-brother’s pain which only fuels Cain’s anger and jealousy more. After one terrible episode, Cain causes a fire that engulfs his father’s laboratory. Kurt saves Charles first, proving to his son, that he prefers Charles to him.


It was soon after this happens that Cain joins the military and deserts when he comes under fire. Charles follows after Cain hoping to convince his step-brother to return. He follows Cain into a cave that housed the lost temple of Cyttorak, a powerful entity. There Cain finds a gem that grants him the power of The Juggernaut! The transformation causes a cave in and Charles believes Cain to be lost.


Cain eventually digs his way out of the cave and with his new-found power and begins his long and hateful feud with his brother Charles Xavier. The gem granted Marko Cain superhuman strength, capable of bringing buildings to the ground with his force. Once moving, he is unstoppable. He also has incredible durability.


Marko Cain would eventually side with the X-Men and other teams leaving behind his evil ways. But his most powerful incarnation will always be that of the angry and vengeful brother to Charles Xavier. Cain to his Abel.


Granted, Marko Cain is not a mutant, but his impact on the early years of the mutant universe in Marvel comics cannot be discounted. The possibilities of his position as the bullying, jealous bigger brother to Charles Xavier could have been without equal in the storyline of the X-men. Instead, Magneto took that role in the comics and in the movies, it is Mystique who is raised at Charles’ side.


Marko Cain should have been more, but still he is deserving of his place in the mutant world…why? Because….

jugger 4.jpg

“I’m the Juggernaut, bitch…”



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