Black Magick by Greg Rucka

black magick

Black Magick, Volume 1: Awakening part one is another example why Greg Rucka is one of the best comic book writers going and why Image comics has grown up into a terrific comic book publisher. Original, witty and with artwork that is terrific, melding with the story which is first rate.

Detective Rowan Black with the Portsmouth PD is more than your regular cop, she is also a practicing witch. Only her coven must practice in secret, to protect themselves. Rowan is called in to a hostage situation, the kidnapper has requested her personally. When she goes in she realizes that there is something off about the kidnapper. When she is alone with him it becomes apparent that he is under some kind of control. He leans in and says her name. Not Rowan Black, but her real name. The name no mortal should know and then he sets himself on fire.

black magick3.jpg

Rowan knows that someone knows her secret and that someone can expose her and her coven to danger. But who and why…and from where?

In these first five issues Rucka has laid the groundwork for a very interesting and entertaining series. Rowan is a terrific character, balancing her current identity with the life she lives in secret. Her coven and friends on the force pull her in different directions but she is fiercely loyal to both. Black Magick is one of those books that DC and Marvel could never do, but Image is getting oh so good at.

black magick2.jpg

The artwork is very well done and works hand in hand with the story. Something Image is getting much better at. Rucka’s writing is very strong and you can tell he enjoys writing this character. This first volume will have you wanting to follow up with the next collection.

A really good read.


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