Tuesday’s Tragic moment – the death of the Castle Family


A family picnic in Central Park turns into a bloodbath and gives birth to one of the most dangerous characters in Marvel Universe. A character that has no super powers at all. A character who only has a single minded purpose and the skills to do it.

Frank Castle served in the military and was trained as a sniper, in hand to hand combat and reconnaissance. After returning back home from his tour in Vietnam, Frank is re-united with his wife Maria and their children. The decide to have a picnic in Central Park to celebrate being together again.


Unfortunately, the Costa crime family is having a gangland execution deep in the park, hanging one of their victims from a tree as a warning to others. The Castle family stumbles upon the execution and the killers turned their weapons upon the family. Killing Frank’s wife and small children, with only Frank left to survive.


Though Castle identified the killers, the police did nothing because of their ties to the Costa crime family. Frank knew there would be no justice for his family unless he took it himself.

Frank Castle became the Punisher.


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