Monday’s Mutant of the day is Daken, the Dark Wolverine!


Monday’s Mutant of the day is – Daken The Dark Wolverine

There is perhaps no more confused Marvel character in the mutant universe than Daken the biological son of the Wolverine. From his obvious father issues to his inability to decide whether he is a good guy or bad guy. To his sexuality and inability to maintain a relationship to his desire to hurt, physically and emotionally the women in his life. Daken is very much the anti-thesis of his father Logan.


Daken first appears in Wolverine Origins #10. Logan is living in Jasmine Falls, Japan in 1946 and is married to Itsu, who is pregnant. Romulus sends the Winter Soldier, Bucky of Captain America fame, to kill Itsu. After her death, a mysterious character cuts the baby from her womb and leaves her mutilated remains for Logan to find. The baby survives due to its healing factor and is placed with a wealthy Japanese couple to raise. The child is named Akihiro, but the servants and other families of the area refer to him as Daken because of his mixed heritage. Daken, meaning bastard dog or mongrel. After a horrible fight with his adoptive parents, he unsheathes his claws for the first time and it is here that Romulus appears to the boy and tells him what he is to become.



Daken next appears as a grown man and rescues Wolverine from Shield, but his motives are far from what all others think. He slashes at Wolverine and begins what will be for his lifetime a battle to kill his father. Daken is warned by his master Romulus several times to stay away from Logan and brutally beaten but Daken’s hatred for Wolverine is overwhelming.

In the finale of the Original Sin storyline, Daken finally learns the truth behind his mother’s murder and teams up with his father Wolverine in seeking revenge against Romulus. He also becomes part of the Dark Avengers taking on the name of the Dark Wolverine. But Daken is never truly to be trusted as he betrays his father and seems to be after the Muramasa Blade whose properties could make him even more powerful.


Daken is also one of Marvel’s first bi-sexual characters. He is often seen in relationships with other men and women, mostly at the same time. But it is also revealed that these relationships are simply to further his own agenda and he is called out on his inability to actually care for another person. Several of his lovers also end of dead at his hands.


Eventually Wolverine does kill Daken, drowning him as his healing factor has weakened to the point of not being able to save him. It is an incredibly emotionally charged battle. Daken crying for the life he might had been had his mother not been killed and Logan, realizing how he had failed his son.

Of course, this being the comics, Daken is resurrected. When after the death of Wolverine, Daken enters an underground auction house where they are selling two of Logan’s claws. Daken says he will not allow anyone to dishonor his father in this way and kills everyone but a Shield agent in the auction house. He takes his father’s claws and disappears again.

One thought on “Monday’s Mutant of the day is Daken, the Dark Wolverine!

  1. Daken was one of those characters who became a thing during my break from reading comics so I’ve always been intrigued by him but I was only loosely aware of his backstory. I really, really appreciated this! This was exactly the sort of summary I needed. Thanks!

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