Monday’s Mutant is Callisto – Leader of the Morlocks!


Monday’s Mutant is Callisto – Leader of the Morlocks

Very little is revealed about Callisto’s early life. It is believed that she was once a very beautiful woman who, when her mutant ability manifested itself, was attacked and disfigured. The scars she bears are proof to her of how dumb of a mistake it was for her to try to live among the humans.


She finds an abandoned bomb shelter hidden in the sewers and lives underground. With the help of the mutant, Caliban, who can sense other mutants, she offers shelter to the other mutants who are abused and threatened by mankind. For the most part their mutations are physical and cannot be hidden. They call themselves the Morlocks after the race of subterraneans in H.G. Wells’ science fiction classic; The Time Machine.

call 2.jpg

Callisto battles the X-Men when she kidnaps Angel and injures Kitty Pryde. Storm challenges Callisto to a duel and defeats her. Storm decrees as the new leader of the Morlocks, that they will no longer terrorize the surface dwellers and in return they will live in peace. Begrudgingly, Callisto becomes an ally of the X-Men and leads the Morlocks in Storm’s absence until they are massacred by the Marauders.

call 3.jpg

Callisto is also terrorized by the mutant Masque, who returns Callisto’s beauty only to take it away again on several occasions. Masque also leads the Morlocks against Callisto and they nearly beat her to death. She is healed but her original scars are returned. She is once again the bitter and scarred mutant that she once was.


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