Red Sonja : The Falcon Throne

red sonja.jpg
Red Sonja: The Falcon Throne by Marguerite Bennett is an awesome little series featuring everyone’s favorite She Devil. What is so good about this series is that it takes Red Sonja back to her roots and the series doesn’t try to be gimmicky in any way. This is blade on blade, blood soaked and sexy in the way that Red Sonja began and should have always remained.

The King of Hyrkania is dying and despite the efforts of his Queen and the people who love him, it is inevitable. Even the efforts of Red Sonja will come to naught. He offers her the crown to lead his people but she refuses, knowing full well she is not meant to rule. She leaves Hyrkania to adventures far away, but returns home with a longing and sadness in her heart. What she finds is a country transformed. A new power has arisen in the country from within and it will defend its homeland at any cost, to its people and to itself. This new power promises safety and comfort to its people but at the cost of their freedom. Any word against this new power is met swiftly with blade and blood. Red Sonja’s homeland is not beset upon by powers from outside but from corruption within and she must fight to free her people, even if it means fighting them!

Intentional or not, this comic makes a very real political statement of the loss of freedom to ensure safety and prosperity. Only what they will have is neither. The story is well written and the art work terrific as the very real political drama that plays out has Red Sonja battling to save her people and herself from a power that would subjugate them in the lie of protecting them.

What I also loved about this book is that it brings the character of Red Sonja back to her roots. The rogue fighter who fights and loves at her whim and not at the beck and call of any man. When offered the crown she is at once tempted but knows herself too well and what kind of Queen she would be. She knows her own nature and stays true to it.

A thought provoking and very entertaining book!


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