Runaways by Brian K. Vaughan

Runaways: Pride & Joy by Brian K. Vaughan is one of those small titles that Marvel slips out every so often. This is a really smart book, with an incredible moral dilemma involved. The artwork is beautiful and Brian K Vaughan may have very well written the defining comic book story of his career. Frank Miller has Sin City, Will Eishner The Spirit, Bob Kane The Batman and Brian Vaughan has rocked the tale of the Runaways.

All teenagers think that their parents are monsters, that they are evil masterminds who want to destroy the world. Only for Alex, Karolina, Gert, Chase, Molly and Nico, on one fateful evening, they find out that their parents really are evil. The group of teens find a secret passage and through a hidden window, witness their parents murder a young girl in sacrifice to a higher evil power. Now they know that things are far different then what they were raised to believe. But the life is about to get alot crazier.

What the group is about to find out is that they have powers and abilities of their own and now the hunt is on as the the teenagers do the only thing they can think of. They run away. Before their parents can find them, before they are turned into the evil that their parents are. What the Runaways don’t know is that their parents, an evil group referred to as the Pride, own everything and everyone and now they are being hunted by not only by their parents; but the police and superheroes alike.


Can the Runaways turn the table on their parents? Deal with their own feelings and angst about what is happening to them and deal with vampires and crooked cops and super hero vigilantes as they try to out race their parents to the end of the world?

There is alot to like about this comic as it spends as much time with the eternal struggle of teenage child and domineering parent as it does with the battle between good and evil. The runaways battle what they perceive to be their own legacy of stepping into their parents shoes as they do anything else. Vaughn has done a terrific job of building these teenage characters with real life issues and insecurities. This is a fun book with twists and turns at every level and the eventual ending twist that no one sees coming as one of their own betrays them.


And a cool pet dinosaur. All make Runaways a book to pick up enjoy!
Collecting Runaways #1-6.


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