Monday’s Mutant of the day is Omega Red!

omega red.jpg

Monday’s mutant of the day is – Omega Red


Arkady Rossovich is a Russian serial killer. Some origin stories have him as a soldier whose crimes were found out and he was executed with a bullet to the head. Arkady survives the execution and is recruited by the KGB. Other origins have him captured by Interpol agent Sean Cassidy (the mutant known as the Banshee) and then turned over to the KGB.


The KGB experiments on Arkady and attempts to create their own version of the supersoldier ala Captain America. The result of their experiments is the mutant known as Omega Red.



The Soviet government implants retractable Carbonadium tentacles in his arms. Carbonadium being the Russian equivalent to Adamantium, the metal alloy that runs throughout Wolverine’s body. Omega Red uses the tentacles as grappling devices much like Dr. Octopus, but the tentacles also serve another purpose. Omega Red can also use them to drain the life energy of anyone he holds in their grasp. He needs this as the Carbonadium implants slowly poison his body like a cancer, so he needs to drain the life energy of others to sustain his immune system. This in effect, makes Omega Red a mutant vampire.

omega 3.jpg


There is a device known as the Carbonadium Synthesizer that will stabilize his system but it was stolen early on by the team known as Team X, comprising of Maverick, Sabretooth and the Wolverine. Omega Red now must constantly be searching for these three to learn the whereabouts of the Synthesizer.



The Russian government eventually decides that Omega Red is too unstable to keep around so they freeze him. After the fall of communist Russia, Omega Red is freed by the Hand and is set after the Wolverine and the X-Men. Many battles ensue between Omega Red and the Wolverine, each warrior winning their share but in the end, Omega Red dies at the hand of the Wolverine, stabbed through the heart by the Muramasa blade.


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