Tuesday’s Tragic Moment in Comics! The death of Professor X at the hands of Scott Summers!

cyclops x.JPG

Tuesday’s Tragedy in Comics comes to us courtesy of Avengers vs X-Men #11. It is the murder of Professor Charles Xavier by his surrogate son and prized pupil, Scott Summers, Cyclops.

cyclops x1.jpg

In the Avengers vs X-Men storyline, the Phoenix Force is separated into five pieces. Cyclops, Emma Frost, Namor, Colossus and Magik each bond with a piece and take up the moniker of the Phoenix Five. Emma Frost and Cyclops eventually take the Phoenix Force as their own and in the ensuing battles, Cyclops takes it from Emma and keeps the Phoenix Force all to himself.

cyclops x2.jpg

cyclops x3.jpg

Professor Xavier confronts his one time pupil and tries to reason with him. But in the end, with the power of the Phoenix Force behind him, Cyclops does the one thing no one thought would ever happen. He kills Professor X.

cyclops x4.jpg

Granted, by this time the relationship between the two has been strained to say the least. The death of Jean Grey being something that neither of them ever really got over. Ironic that the Phoenix has something to do with both of these events. The character of Cyclops has never recovered from this act and Professor X has never been the same influence in Marvel Mutantdom as he once was.




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