Monday’s Mutant is Bella Donna Boudreaux

Monday’s Mutant is Bella Donna Boudreaux, the first wife of the X-Man, Gambit.


For fans of the animated series, the relationship between Rogue and Gambit was one of the highlights. With Rogue’s power not allowing her to touch another person, their relationship seemed doomed. But Gambit’s persistence and love for Rogue was powerful and he was always willing to take the risk so that their romance could go further than friendship. So, something comic book readers were already aware of, it was something of a surprise to find out that not only was Gambit previously married, but that his wife still was alive and their relationship was a love affair greater than any printed in Marvel before. But like all of Marvel’s relationships, if was incredibly tragic as well.


Bella Donna Boudreaux and Remy LeBeau met when they were children and became good friends. Unfortunately what they didn’t realize was that they came from to rival Guilds in New Orleans, the Assassin’s Guild and the Thieves’ Guild. As they grew the rivalry between the two Guilds increased until finally it was decided that the only way to broker peace was to marry Bella Donna and Remy to unite the Guilds. Not everyone agreed with the plan and Bella Donna’s brother Julien challenged Remy to a fight, a fight that ended with Julien’s death. Remy was banished from New Orleans and was forced to abandon Bella Donna, his wife.

bella 2.jpg

It would be years later that Bella Donna would reach out to her estranged husband, now part of the X-Men, to request his aid in defeating the Brood who were attacking the Guilds. His marriage and past were a surprise to the X-men and mostly his paramour, the mutant Rogue. Along with Ghost Rider, Bella Donna and the X-Men battled the Brood, during the battle, Bella Donna expends her full mutant energy and collapses. Gambit hands her over to the Thieves’ Guild, believing her to be dead. However Bella Donna was not deceased and only in a coma. Gambit then hunts down the Elixir of Life to revive her. But while she was comatose, Rogue accidentally touches her so that when she is revived, she has not recollection of Gambit and their marriage. Thus, inadvertently freeing Gambit to pursue his relationship with Rogue. A very convenient accident.

bella 3.jpg

Over time, Bella Donna’s memory returns and feeling that Rogue’s actions were intentional she takes revenge by kidnapping and murdering the comatose, first boyfriend of Rogue, Cody. Gambit is horrified at Bella Donna’s actions and withdraws. She eventually captures Gambit but not to kill him, but instead to resolve their differences. Gambit returns to the X-Men and Bella Donna to the rule the united Guilds.


It has not been clarified if she lost her mutant powers during the events of M-Day.


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