Monday’s Mutant is – Shatterstar!!

Monday’s Mutant is Gaveedra-Seven (Shatterstar)


Created by the team of Fabian Nicieza and Rob Liefeld, Shatterstar first appears in New Mutants, vol.1, #99 in March of 1991. He traded time between X-Force and X-Factor comics, occasionally teaming up with Cable and Deadpool on solo adventures. Shatterstar comes from the planet, Mojoworld, where he was genetically created to be a warrior and gladiator in the arenas. Armed combat to the death was day to day life for Shatterstar and it is here that he develops his warrior code of honor and pride.

He is sent back in time by a resistance force to get the assistance of the X-Men in hopes of overthrowing Mojo’s dictatorship. Cable, Domino and the New Mutants take Shatterstar in his quest to defeat Mojo. Together they form the new team, X-Force.


It is here that the origin story takes several turns that are never truly resolved. In the battle on Mojoworld, Shatterstar and Cable are injured and brought back to Earth. There they find a mutant named Benjamin Russel who is in a coma and has no family. Shatterstar’s soul is transferred to Benjamin in order to save him. Strangely though, Russel looks eerily like Shatterstar to begin with and it is thought that perhaps they were always one and the same. It is also noted that Shatterstar had some of Russell’s memories even before they were merged.

Another origin story is that Shatterstar is actually the lost son of Longshot and Dazzler. It has been speculated that Dazzler miscarried and, it would not be established in the Marvel world until 2013, that the child’s future self actually travelled back in time to wipe away all memory of his existence from his parents. Shatterstar’s DNA is identical to Longshot and they do share the genetic features of hollow bones and a lack of white blood cells.

One of Shatterstar’s strength is also one of his weaknesses. His emotional detachment from others is shattered when he bonds with Russell and he, for the first time feels romantic and sexual desires. He becomes enamored with the Mutant Rictor and in 2009, begins a romantic and sexual relationship between two male comic book characters. However Shatterstar wishes to explore this new part of his life and desires an open relationship while Rictor wishes to commit to a monogamous relationship. Still new to his emotions, Shatterstar’s inhibitions or the lack thereof, drive a wedge between himself and Rictor.


Shatterstar is empowered with superhuman strength and speed and the mind of a military strategist. He can also teleport people back and forth.

Shatterstar’s original artist and creator, Rob Liefeld, is said to have disapproved of the development of the character’s sexual orientation. Stating that Shatterstar was meant to be “…asexual and struggling to understand human behavior…”.  Joe Quesada and Peter David of Marvel defended the character development but surprisingly, this gay character of eight years has seemed to drift away. That is too bad when it is considered what a terrific character he was to begin with. Unlike the recent development of Iceman being gay, Shatterstar seemed to come to his sexual orientation naturally. As part of the overall development of the character rather than a company ploy to garner interest in a boring comic.


With the re-emergence of Cable into the mainstream thanks to the movie, Deadpool, we can hope for a strong return from this missing mutant, Shatterstar.




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