Locke & Key, Vol. #2: Head Games by Joe Hill

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Locke & Key, Vol.2: Head Games is book #2 is the continuation of the graphic novel begun by Joe Hill and illustrated by Gabrielle Rodriguez with book one, Welcome to Lovecraft. The story continues with the four issue arc gathered in this graphic novel, Head Games.

After the events of Welcome to Lovecraft, Kinsey and Tyler Locke are recovering from the the horrible deaths that were so reminiscent of the murder of their own father. Their mother, Nina, is falling deeper into her alcoholic daze and they find themselves turning to their new Zack Wells for support. Unbeknownst to them, Zack is not who he pretends to be. During this time, their six year old little brother Bode Locke is trying to discover just what the new key he has found does. It is called the Head Key, but what exactly does it unlock?

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At the school they attend, Professor Joe Ridgeway recognizes Zack Wells as Lucas Caravaggio, a teenage boy who disappeared, along with several other students, over twenty years ago. Only Zack/Lucas, hasn’t aged a day.

What the Locke children learn is that the head key actually allows them to open people’s minds and remove or adjust their memories. Now Zack is aware of its power and knows that he must take the head key for his own. Once again, the Locke children find themselves under attack from the forces that have threatened their family for ages at the Keyhouse.

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This is one of the better and well written horror comics to be found. There is a complex and compelling tale behind all the shadows and spooks and murder. Like his horror novels, Joe Hill pulls no punches when telling this story and Locke and Key is an addictive tale of one family’s dark past.


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