Locke & Key: Crown of Shadows by Joe Hill

crown of shadows.jpg
Locke & Key, Vol.3: Crown of Shadows by Joe Hill continues the tale of the young shattered Locke family as they try to rebuild their lives in Lovecraft after the murder of the father. In book three of the series, night comes to the Locke family and they are in a battle for their lives against the shadows that come to life in the Keyhouse.

Dodge continues his violent and relentless search for the key to the back door and revives the spirit of Sam Lesser to do his bidding. Lesser, the evil murderer of book one, has other ideas and the two are locked in battle. To help him, Dodge enlists the spirits and shadows of Keyhouse and begins to wage war on the three children in the home while their mom is away. A battle that culminates in a war of giants on the shores of Keyhouse.

When she returns, Nina, the mother of the Locke clan, finds her home destroyed. She also finds a new key and a mysterious cabinet. A cabinet that fixes whatever broken thing that is put inside of it.

This is true horror, not reliant upon the slasher, blood spilling panels of other books, but on the relentless tension and sense of evil that envelopes the reader as he moves forward through the tale. It is not reliant upon overt female sexuality either. This is a story, a true horror story told in graphic novel format. Joe Hill is proving, by his books and his graphic novels, that he is his own horror author.

A terrific book not to be missed.


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