Justice League, Volume 1: The Extinction Machines


Justice League, Volume 1: The Extinction Machines is the first of the Justice League tales to emerge since the DC Rebirth. Superman is dead and a new Superman, from a different universe, has taken up resident with his son and his wife, Lois. But the team has little time to mourn and even less to adjust as the world is besieged by aliens bent on takeover.

New members try to find their way into the team as ancient forces joined with aliens to enslave mankind. The new Green Lantern duo alongside the Flash and Aquaman. Batman and Wonder Woman and the Cyborg try to trust the new Clark Kent, an uneasy alliance. Without their Superman, the Justice League finds itself without a true leader, their morale compass wavering. But the JL has no time, the world is in peril and its heroes must find their way.

As a start, this is a weak offering. Tony Daniel’s penciling is the star of this book as the story is disjointed and its telling hesitant. Like the challenge is too big for its narrator. As the series moves forward, one hopes this book will gain steam and become the flagship of DC it should be. With its movie counterpart coming out soon, it needs to be


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