Aquaman, Volume 1: The Drowning

Aquaman, Volume 1: The Drowning is the first story in the Aquaman Rebirth from DC. Full disclosure, I have never been an Aquaman fan. I always found the character to be more of an after thought. Kind of a representative of the ocean world but not really a ruler.

In comparison to Marvel’s Namor, Aquaman pales. Did DC just need an hero from the ocean and let’s make him blue eyed and blond though everyone else in Atlantis is not and by the way, let’s get him started on the surface world as well. Where as Namor is a true warrior king to Atlantis and pretty much pissed off all the time. Namor goes from friend to foe in a heartbeat. Aquaman just doesn’t. The only time I believe Aquaman showed any real personality was in the alternative universe of FLASHPOINT. Don’t get me wrong, DC has done some seriously crazy shit to Aquaman over the years. From killing his baby to chopping off his arm. But through it all, Aquaman has seemed kind of boring.drowning2.jpg

Now comes Rebirth and the new storyline for Aquaman as he goes forth and battles his own sea dwelling eco-terrorists. Quick thought though, he is the King, doesn’t he have an equivalent of a Seal Team to go in and take down the terrorists? But it’s Aquaman who takes them down and this brings some dissension to his people. Why is their King protecting the surface dwellers and not them. But what Aquaman wants to do is establish a diplomatic relationship with the surface and is willing to go to great lengths to do so. But the surface world is not so understanding or forgiving and with Political dumbasses in the way; and a Kryptonian boy scout who acts like a mob enforcer, Aquaman may find his desire for peace leads to war.

In the telling of the Drowning, we see Aquaman begin to change. The frustration and unfairness of the world around him, all his efforts for peace and understanding seem to be in vain. Even his time with the Justice League has earned him little to no respect. What we see is the change begin in him from Professor X to the stirrings of Magneto. This is incredibly interesting as well as the fact that Superman is willing to work on the behalf of the United States government and take a stand against his friend. Again, another reason the world at large loves to see the Batman kick Superman’s ass. But it is this change in Aquaman, this epiphany, that makes this book interesting. Where does the character go from here?

This is what will make the Rebirth of Aquaman worth following.


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