Monday’s Mutant of the Day – Dead Girl

dead girl.jpg

In September of 2002, and for a run of little over two years, Marvel revamped its X-Men line hoping for an edgier and more financially successful line. This was in the time that the Mutant Universe and comic books overall were in a decline. Out of this came one of the most unique and strangely appealing teams of Mutants ever. They were X-Static and one of their super heroes was a girl known simply as, “Dead Girl”.


Dead Girl’s mutant gene allowed her to return to semi-life after dying. She became a cross between a ghost and a zombie. She could also achieve a state that wasn’t solid, passing through walls and such and communicate with the dead.

dead girl2.jpg

She would also have a short five issue run of her own book called, X-Static presents: Dead Girl in which she battles a villain known as the Pitiful One. Throughout the course of her young career, Dead Girl somehow becomes with not only X-Static, which are X-Force, but also with the Avengers and then even Stephen Strange.

dead girl3.jpg

Eventually Dead Girl dies as well as the rest of the team.


Dead Girl and the comic run of X-Static are at best an acquired taste. Different and edge, that is true, but overall completely outside the realm of the Mutant Universe with little impact on the comic book world at large. But they will have their following and some offbeat and creative characters did come out of this little experiment.


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