Green Lanterns, Vol 1, Rage Planet

I come into this review somewhat biased. I have never been a Green Lantern fan. Not Kyle Rayner, Not Guy Gardner, no not even Hal Jordan. Golden age Green Lantern was kind of cool in that lost Americana kind of way, but over all, the Lantern has always been sort of lame.

Now we have two Green Lanterns, both patrolling Earth. Because you know Earth is such a galactic bad ass. We have Superman, we have Batman, we have the freaking Justice League and yet we warrant two Green Lanterns?


Jessica Cruz (hispanic woman) and Simon Baz (middle eastern suspected terrorist) are the new Green Lanterns of Earth and they don’t play well together. Okay one Lantern, I get making him or her a minority to appeal to the politically dumbass….sorry…politically correct crowd of readers who really don’t buy comics anyway. But two of them? And have them face off against the Red Lanterns…Sorry but no.

As bad as this may sound. This book is not bad and it lays the groundwork for an array of strong possibilities. Jessica and Simon are characters that on their own are worthy of their own books. They bring depth to their character and in the hands of even better than average writers, they are capable of being two fresh voices in DC Universe.


So against my better judgement, I will follow this title hoping that DC see s that the characters are better off separate than they will ever be as a unit.

Good but could be better.


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