Wraithborn by Joe Benitez


Wraithborn by Joe Benitez is a pleasure to read and view. The artwork is stunning and the storyline is sure to capture a following. This is Benitez’s own creation prior to his taking over the very popular, steampunk comic, Lady Mechanika. As the comic book world rushes back to catch Benitez’s earlier work, they are sure to find Wraithborn.

The young warrior Valin was next to receive the powers of the Wraithborn, but before the transfer could take place a young student, Melanie gets in the way as receives the power instead. The Wraithborn bonds for life and now shy, timid, high school student Melanie contains the power. The forces of evil that battle the Wraithborn see this as their opportunity to attack. Valin knows he must protect Melanie as she struggles to learn how to use the Wraithborn.

There is tons of monsters and demons and swords and in the midst of it all, Melanie still has to deal with fitting in with the lunch crowd at high school. With her good friend Zoe, she begins to learn about the world outside of her school and what the world at large sees. Valin is something of the good soldier and as such, can come across very stiff and wooden. But the team of Valin and Melanie and their friends work very well together.

The artwork is stunning, very reminiscent of Tony Daniel and his work on the Tenth. Which brings me to the only whine about Wraithborn. Its not original. Young girl gets mystical or supernatural powers and now the forces of evil target her before she can learn to use them. Strong and silent type warrior comes to defend her and together they battle the bad guys.

What separates Wraithborn from the other books in this lot is that Benitez has taken the time to develop his characters and in doing so has made them someone to care about. Melanie’s time in school as she tries to avoid the bullying of the popular crowd shows how much she doesn’t want to be the hero type. If she could spend her day not being noticed, she would be so much happier. But the fates have different ideas and thankfully so.


Wraithborn is very well written and the artwork leaps off the page. This is one to find and enjoy!


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