Superman, Action Comics – Rebirth


Superman: Action Comics, Vol 1: Path of Doom by Dan Jurgens is the new vision for Superman in DC’s Rebirth line. This is a Superman from another time and world, another dimension, displaced into DC’s main timeline. This Superman is not in love with Wonder Woman, his secret identity has not been revealed. He is a Superman in love with and married to Lois Lane and with a son of his own. A Superman who is in a world he knows and does not. A Superman who has every reason not to reveal himself but finds he cannot stay hidden when Doomsday comes to Metropolis.

Metropolis has a new Superhero and his name is Superman, only this Superman is Lex Luthor. This of course does not sit well with the real Superman. Only this Superman is not real, at least not to this world and not to this time and not to this Justice League. But Luthor and this new Superman have little time to argue, for a common enemy has come to town. The enemy known only as Doomsday.

action 2.jpg

Dan Jurgens has taken on quite a task, to restructure and redefine Superman in the DC Universe. To give Lois Lane her true place in the DC Universe, not as a token non-meta human in love with a hero but as Superman’s partner, his lover, his wife. Now the pair, with a son of their own, must create a life for themselves in this new world. A son, this will no doubt create new opportunities with Batman and his relationship with Damien.

This may be the most courageous move by DC in its Rebirth series. To take their flagship title and make such drastic changes to the character and his storyline. Granted, there are many (I among them) who would argue that any Batman title is DC’s true flagship title but Superman is uniquely DCs. Now they have take the jump of introducing a new Superman, and a new Clark Kent into the fray and disposing their well worn Kryptonian. For once, a truly dead Superman.


What makes this Superman such a breath of fresh air is the joy and obligation of a family. No longer can Superman rush head long into danger with no regard to his well being. No, now their is a family waiting at home. A young boy who watches what his father does with the gleam of a son worshiping his father. A son who is half Kryptonian with the awakening powers of a young Superboy.

Let’s be real, Luthor as a hero and a Superman? That is too much to stomach but this new Superman is something special. His relationship with Lois and his son is far greater than that with the prior Clark and Ma and Pa Kent. How does Superman go forth to save the world when he has a wife and child at home to concern himself with? Yes, this may be the best twist to the Superman mythos to have come along in a very long time.


A good and intriguing read, perhaps the best of the new DC Rebirth line.


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