Lady Mechanika – The Tablet of Destinies

lady m.jpg


Lady Mechanika Vol 2: The Tablet of Destinies by Joe Benitez is another tour de force of strong storytelling and beautiful artwork that is sure to bring even more fans to this steampunk, adventurous and mystery solving title.

When an unexpected visitor shows up on her door, Lady Mechanika embarks on an adventure that spans the globe. Secret societies and mad scientists stand in her path and soon Lady Mechanika must decide between the life of her young friend and saving the world.

lady m2.jpg

This second volume which collects The Tablet of Destinies run, books #1 – #6 continues the adventures of Lady Mechanika and this may very well be one of the most beautifully drawn and inked books in the comic book world right now. The intricate detailing from the artists shows a definite respect for the genre. But this book does not rely on artwork alone and tells a well crafted tale as well. I enjoyed the more adventurous aspects of the story this time around where Mechanika almost took on a Tomb Raider persona. But don’t mislead ourselves, the time period and setting are well in hand here as Mechanika works her way through the supernatural as well as dangers of powerful societies searching for absolute power.

lady m3.jpg    lady m4.jpg

Another terrific book by Benitez!

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