Tuesday’s Terrible Twosome – Cable and Stryfe


Tuesday’s Terrible Twosome features two characters that are related or involved with one another with a major impact on their lives and storylines. They can be in love, in hate, related or in some cases, two versions of the same person.

Today’s is Cable and Stryfe.

Cable, Nathan Summers, is the son of X-Men, Cyclops (Scott Summers) and Madelyne Pryor ( The Goblin Queen and clone of Jean Grey). He is infected with the techo-organic virus by the Mutant Apocalypse and is taken to the future by Askani as the only means to save the child’s life. In the future the Askani clone the baby Nathan in hopes of salvaging something of the child. The clone grows at an accelerated pace and is soon the same age as Nathan, becoming in all forms, basically his twin. As Nathan heals, the clone serves to help in the process. Apocalypse attacks the Askani and takes the clone child and raises it as his own. The clone child is named Stryfe.


Under Apocalypse tutelage, Stryfe becomes an evil  half to the good that is Nathan. He raises an army to fight against his bother/himself and becomes a dictatorial ruler in the future. With Cable, the group the New Canaanites overthrow Stryfe who escapes back into the past in the time of the X-men. Here he sows dissent by posing as Nathan Summers aka Cable among the mutants. Stryfe becomes a mutant terrorist and wages war on both mutant and human alike. He often battles the New Mutants who fight alongside Cable and one instance tells Cable that he, Stryfe, impersonated Cable and raped Cable’s wife Jenskot. This leads Cable to learn that his son, Tyler Dayspring may be Stryfe’s son.


After shooting Professor X with an infected bullet, Stryfe takes Cyclops and Jean Grey captive. Cable battles with his brother/himself and opens a temporal rift and destroys Stryfe with it.

Of course this is far from the end of the rivalry between the two over the course of thousands of years this has been one of the mutant’s more well written and well developed, Cain and Abel storylines.


With the popularity of the Deadpool movie, Cable will soon move into the mainstream consciousness, but the true backstory of the character can never be told until we also tell the story of his brother/himself; Stryfe.



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