Batman, Vol. 2: I Am Suicide

i am suicide.jpg

Batman, Volume 2: I Am Suicide by Tom King is the second storyline in the Rebirth line of this Batman book and I have to say it has taken leaps and bounds from where I Am Gotham left off. If you did not read I Am Gotham, you may want to before beginning this collection. This is a different Batman, somewhat vulnerable and the main reason for the storyline is the new herione, Gotham Girl who lays dying in the Batcave.

Gotham Girl is dying and to save her, Batman must find the Psycho-Pirate in the belief that the damage he has done with his mind altering powers can somehow be reversed and save Gotham’s newest herione. Only Psycho-Pirate is being held on the island of Santa Prisca and to reach him, Batman must go through the only foe that has ever truly broken him. He must go through Bane.

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To accomplish this feat, Batman turns to people he knows in his heart, he cannot trust. Amanda Waller. The Ventriloquist. Bronze Tiger. Jewlee. Punchee. Catwoman. Batman must face his darkest moments and take on Bane. But this is also a different Bane, no longer addicted to the powerful drug Venom which gave him his super strength, this is a Bane who rules, naked on his throne, with an army surrounding him and his prison kingdom.

Much will and has been made about the title to this storyline and if Batman is suicidal. While it can be said that this edition of the Dark Knight is much more morose than in the past and it certainly seems that he has a death wish, I have to disagree. Batman is simply looking for a good death. He seems to be at a point in his life where death seems inevitable and he wants his to be a good death. A death that has value. A death that has meaning. A grand sacrifice. We spend alot of time in the Dark Knight’s mind in this one, he is introspective and forlorn. But not about his life or his choices. No, what we find her is that Batman simply does not wish to be alone any longer.

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That is the problem because the one person he would share his life with he cannot. She is serving a life sentence for the murder of hundreds of people. She is Selena Kyle, the Catwoman. In I Am Suicide we are drawn into the love affair denied in ways no writer before has tried. There are love letters written to one another that we become privy to and moments of heartache and regret.

Tom King steps it up huge in this storyline, he has developed a Batman that is not only a hero, but intensely human. There is plot and subplot. There is cross and double-cross and there is a side of Batman not often seen. A Batman who aches for the love he must deny himself. A Batman who must face the foe that broke him and in doing so, break Bane.

This one is one of the better Batman stories to come along for sometime.

The Batman in I Am Suicide is not a Batman who is searching for his death; but instead, the reassurance of a life well lived.


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