Sex Criminals Vol 1 by Matt Fraction


Sex Criminals by Matt Fraction is creative and original and like nothing else on the market. It is the one comic that true comic book readers and not the jonny come latelys that think Tony Stark and Robert Downey Jr are really one and the same. Sex Criminals is one of those books that proves that in comics it is not only exciting to push the boundaries set by others; it is a privilege.

Suzie is a normal young teenager with the curiosity and changing desires of all girls her age. But what she doesn’t realize is that not everyone feels what she feels and as she grows older, she finds out something even stranger. When she orgasms, time stops. Everyone freezes for a time and she can do whatever she pleases. One day she meets a young man, Jon, and together they find that they share this unique power.

crim 2.jpg

Suzie learns that the library she loves is about to be closed and torn down for lack of funds to keep it open and running. So she comes upon a plan to save the library. With Jon’s help, they will have sex, stop time, and rob a few banks. It seems simple enough and even fun, but what they don’t realize is that they are not the only sex-powered time stoppers and the others don’t look kindly on what they are up to. No there is the wet-dream police who are determined to put a halt to Suzie and Jon lead by a stoic and frustrated sex-crazed soccer mom.


Sex and comics is nothing new. You only need to pick up a Penthouse or a Playboy to see the strips that accompany them or the small pulp comic books that a mainstay in manga and other forms of comic art. But to have a story along with it. An original and well written story is something that is rare is a sexualized comic series and Sex Criminals does have that. What Matt Fraction also doesn’t shy away is the awkwardness that accompanies sex. Instead, he splays it wide open for all to see. With humor and with boldness, sex is not just the titilation to this comic, it is the backbone as well.

A fun and exciting series.


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