Monday’s Mutant is the Orphan-Maker


One of the more unique mutants to come out of the X-men stories and in this case the X-Factor storyline is the tale of Nanny and her strong-arm associate knows as the Orphan-Maker. Nanny was the leader of the lost boys and girls, mutants who didn’t have parents and Peter the Orphan-Maker was the first of her group. But for her to find more children, Nanny directed Peter to kill their parents, thus orphaning them.


The Orphan-Maker first appears in X-Factor #31, circa August of 1988, when he is held captive at Mister Sinister’s orphanage for mutants. He is deemed uncontrollable and sentenced to death by Mr. Sinister but is saved by the cyborg Nanny. He becomes the first of her lost boys and girls. Nanny decides that she wants to save more mutant children and to do so they must be orphans just like Peter, so she comes to the conclusion that to do this, the parents of young mutant children must die.  Peter than becomes, the Orphan-Maker.


While on the surface this seems ludricrous, keep in mind this is from Nanny who is in fact a cyborg. Mutant children were being abandoned and disowned by their families and then being used by Mister Sinister for evil. Orphaning them and saving them was the logical conlclusion. These plans run afoul of X-Factor after Nanny and Orphan-Maker take Dazzler and Havok captive. With a little help from a young mutant unknown to the X-men at the time, Colossus frees Dazzler and Havok but find Storm, converted into a child. The young mutant who helped later turns out to be Jubilee.

om 4.jpg

Orphan Maker is a mutant but does not show any mutant powers and in fact seems to derive all his abilities from his power suit. He is also never able to intellectually grow beyond the thinking of a child. Though they would fight the X-Men and their various teams in the late eighties and nineties, they would soon disappear from the face of the mutant landscape.






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