All-Star Batman, Vol.1 – Scott Snyder

all star bat.jpg

All-Star Batman Vol. 1: My Own Worst Enemy marks the return to the character by fan favorite and Batman genius, Scott Snyder. After Endgame and what has to be one of the most successful runs as writer of the Batman comics, Snyder stepped away from the main franchise line after DC’s Rebirth and has ended his hiatus with this new comic series; All-Star Batman.

In this comic book tale, Batman has the opportunity to help his old friend Harvey Dent rid himself of his alter-ego, Two-Face forever. Only two things stand in his way. Batman has to get Harvey clear across the country for the procedure and Two-Face has set in motion a plan to stop the Dark Knight. There is a bounty on their heads and betrayal at the hands of Batman’s most trusted allies.

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What has always separated the Batman from other comic book heroes is the storytelling and in the hands of Scott Snyder over the last few years; we have had some of the best Batman stories to have graced the comic book page in a very long time. This is why Rebirth, with a new writer and new artist and new characters, the ill-fated Gotham dude and Gotham dudette were met with such luke-warm fan fare. By myself as well, though I have to admit I am beginning to warm up to some of the DC Rebirth storylines, but that is for another time and another blog.

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Snyder has always been a smart writer, not relying on the Batman mythos to sell his story but more than willing to step outside the norm and with All-Star Batman, he has created a kick-ass road trip story filled with angst and regret and violence and blood and more blood. John Romita Jr.’s artwork lends a harsh and gritty line to the story and Two-Face is perhaps the best villain to kick this series off. The history between Batman and Two-Face, or better said between Bruce Wayne and Harvey Dent goes back to when they were children and Snyder explores that here as well as a deadly and horrifying pact between the two.

All-Star Batman is its own series and doesn’t really work with the timeline set in the other Batman books. That is fine because it stands so well on its own. This is one of the better books to come out of the the throes of Rebirth and one to eagerly follow!

all star bat4.jpg


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