Green Arrow, Vol. 2 – Island of Scars

green arrow
Green Arrow, Volume 2: Island of Scars is a collection of books that don’t run together and are instead more in the mode of a collection of individual tales and not all where Green Arrow is the main focus. In this volume is also an appearance by The Black Canary, not the kiddie pop version we are currently seeing wander in and out of Batgirl comics, but the real Canary. Here, she is not Barbara Gordon’s singing sidekick, no here, she is a sensuous and deadly woman. This is the real Black Canary, a member of the Justice League, a superhero who is quite capable of handling herself and doesn’t need saving. In fact, quite strong enough to be the one doing the saving.
green arrow2

This volume also tells the tales of the Green Arrow’s new apprentice, Emiko Queen. Ollie’s half sister, this teenage girl has the fighting skills of a ninja and the angst of anyone who is ready to battle but finds herself constantly held in check. A collaboration between Emiko Queen and Damian Wayne would be a fun and bloody comic.

green arrow3

I have never really been a Green Arrow fan and have never seen a single episode of the television show. I have always seen him as more of a throwaway character. A supporting cast member to the relationship between Batman and Superman. But there are glimpses of a true superhero here. One whose idealogy conflicts with his actions. Ollie, unlike Bruce Wayne, is as much a part of his Superhero persona in and out of the costume. The emergence of new characters that are as different from him as could be is a true risk, as it has the Green Arrow questioning himself.

I enjoyed this collection and think I’m very likely to start following this comic line as we are seeing actual growth in the character which is rare in one that has been around for so long.

 green arrow4.jpg

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