Silver Sable


Silver Sable was created by Tom DeFalco and Ron Frenz back in June of 1985 and first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man #265. Sable is often an ally to Spider-Man but occasionally, her methods and who is paying her will put her at odds with Spidey and the other heroes of Marvel Universe.

Silver Sable, born Silver Sablinova, is a mercenary, war criminal hunter, leader of the Wolf Pack and CEO of Silver Sable International. She witnessed the killing of her mother by her father’s enemies. Her father, Ernst Sablinov, was a Nazi hunter. After her mother’s death she trained her body and mind into that of an elite assassin.


Sable’s activities as a mercenary, along with her team the Wolf Pack support the European state of Symkaria, her homeland. Symkaria is bordered by the country of Latveria, the home of Dr. Doom. Sable is known for her ice cold persona and absolute control over her emotions. Sable has worked not only with her own team but alongside such notables as Spider-Man, the Punisher, Captain America, Luke Cage and the Daredevil. As well as having formed unlikely alliances with Venom, Sandman and Deadpool. Outside of mercenary work, Sable continues her father’s work and hunts down war criminals. The very kind of people who murdered her mother.


After the Avengers are defeated by the Sinister Six, Sable recues Spider-man and the Black Widow, but is drowned in a final battle with the Rhino. But this being comics, she is later discovered to be alive and using her death as a cover so that she can hunt war criminals in anonymity.


Upon a closer look, Silver Sable is actually the closest Marvel has come to Batman. No superpowers, dead parent and an obsessive need to punish evil doers. A highly skilled fighter who is also a CEO of a major conglomerate with funds to wage a personal war.

A movie is in the works from Sony right now called Silver and Black. It is to go along with the Spider-Man film franchise that is kicking off and will feature Silver Sable and the Black Cat. That should be fun!



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