Old Man Logan #25 – Days of Anger

old man

The original tale of Old Man Logan, written by Mark Millar, first came to light in June of 2008. It told the story of Wolverine, now turned pacifist, living out his remaining days farming with his wife and children. He has vowed to never release his claws again or to cause anybody harm. Haunted by his actions during the takeover of the world by the supervillains. But farming is a rough life and Logan is finding it tough to make ends meet and soon enough the rent is due on his farm. Due to Bruce Banner and his descendants. The Hulk Gang. He takes one final mission, with his old friend Hawkeye and they set out on a quest across the wasteland that was once America. When he returns, with enough money to pay the rent due, he finds his family horrifically slaughtered. The blood on the hands of the Hulk Gang. This drives Logan to finally unleash the Wolverine and what follows is perhaps one of the greatest Hulk vs Wolverine battles ever to hit the comic book page.

Now to the current rash of Old Man Logan books. After the confusing dimension hopping of Marvel’s latest Secret War, Old Man Logan finds himself awake in the current time, the X-Men still alive and a young female Wolverine having taken his mantle. That is fine with Logan, it is a new opportunity for Logan to put right what he lost in the Wastelands. Another chance at a family.

old man2

But in Old Man Logan we find out that Logan is not the only thing to make the leap across dimensions and to his horror, he finds that the Hulk family from his time and his desolate world, have followed. Now Logan knows what he must do. For the Hulks, they are hiding until they become strong enough to take on the world. They know they are hunted, having just seen Bruce Banner of this time murdered by the Avenger known as Hawkeye. But for some of them, the opportunity to exact vengeance on their nemesis is too much to let go.

Now the battle will begin. Now are the Days of Anger.

old man3

Wow, really freaking wow. This is one of those books that most comic book fans will miss. But for those of us who recognize the genius of Millar’s Old Man Logan, we recognize this as the first in what is hopefully a series of books that will bring this character back.

olds man4

Then add to the Hulk Gang. A gang of vicious rampaging Hulks.

Yeah, get ready for a bloody damn war!


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