Monday’s Mutant is – House of M by Brian Michael Bendis

house of m


House of M, by Brian Michael Bendis, is one of the most influential books in the Marvel Universe. Even though it has now been conceded, that this was simply a very creative way of trimming the excessive Mutant line of books in the Marvel world. Which, when you consider that the mutants were created as a way for the early creators of Marvel, Stan Lee and his gang, to make a social comment on the civil rights movement and the treatment of African Americans in the United States; the House of M books take a far more sinister curve.

Wanda Maximoff, the Scarlett Witch is losing touch with reality. Which unfortunately is a very dangerous thing when it comes to her. Because Wanda can create and re-create reality to whatever suits her desires. Her children. Twins born between a love between her and the Avenger known as the Vision. Her brother and father together, harmonious and not fighting. A world where she is happy. A world very different from the one she is in right now.

house of m2

Wanda is in hiding, having lost control of her powers and resulting in the death of several Avengers, including her own husband; the Vision, she is being hidden away by Professor X and her father Magneto. But that is only a temporary solution as she slips deeper and deeper into her delusions. The Avengers and the X-Men know they need to do something to stop her and what they come up with is a final solution. Wanda Maximoff must die.

house of m3

Realizing what is happening, Wanda is convinced to change the world where it is ruled by Magneto. A world where her family, including her children are the ruling class and the Avengers and the X-Men are not needed. To keep them from interfering, she gives them what they want. She gives them peace. But her reality does not work on everyone and some of Earth’s heroes begin to remember what they were and what the world is really suppose to be like. Now, the remaining few must do battle with the House of M.

house of m4

Besides the social implications of this book, the near eradication of a race or species, however you like to categorize your mutants. The House of M series is important in far more aspects for its character development and character destruction. Have we seen Magneto as broken as he appears here? Captain America turned into a non-factor? Wolverine torn between loyalties and the intense love between brother and sister that would end with the now infamous words, “…no more mutants…”.

house of m5

House of M is one of the major books in the mutant universe that any fan or avid reader should not ever miss.

A terrific read!


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