Batwoman Vol.1: The Many Arms of Death

Batwoman Vol. 1: The Many Arms of Death by Marguerite Bennett takes hold of the Batwoman – Kate Kane character and seeks to give us some background on how she came to don the cowl and persona of Batwoman.

Katherine Kane was thrown out of West Point for being a lesbian and then goes on to become a drunken socialite when fate lands her on an island where she finds both love and a purpose. She also find hate and an adversary she does not realize and now it may be too late.


Now, as Batwoman, she must return to the island that is flooding Gotham with the bioweapon; Monster Venom. But the island where she became whole has changed and the woman she loved, who ruled this island is gone and left in her place is death and hate.

Can Katherine stop the supply of the drug and face off against someone who was trained by the same woman who trained her.


Batwoman is a very interesting character in the DC Universe who, though she dons the cape and cowl, does not necessarily follow Batman’s lead. Her emergence as a leader in Detective Comics of the Bat team alongside Batman is giving this character a much needed boost. She is not Batgirl or Robin but something entirely different. Making her a lesbian is not a reason to read this book and nor is it a reason not to. It is simply a part of who she is. Take note Marvel, this is social commentary done right. Kate Kane did not just turn gay, she was always gay. It is as much a part of who she is as her red hair and her ass kicking abilities. It is not a focal point. Does she make out with girls? Sure, just like Dick Grayson and Bruce Wayne. Also like Wonder Woman if they really want to get real. But she does it as a part of who she is, not because some social justice comic book writer wants to make a point and not because an editor wants to promote sells. Its because this is who she is.

Here’s hoping that DC figures out what to do with this character since they dropped the ball on her in the new 52 so badly. This Rebirth may be the rebirth that she needs.


BATWOMAN VOL. 1 collects issues #1-6 and the one-shot special BATWOMAN: REBIRTH #1. (less)


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