Batman: White Knight – 1st Issue

white knight


Batman: White Knight by Sean Murphy may be the sleeper comic of the end of 2017 and a great short series to bring 2018 in with. The artwork by Matt Hollingsworth is insanely good and though most of the Batman fandom is following and hunting down every Metal comic; and rightfully so, Batman White Knight may very well be the best Batman going today.

What happens when the Joker pushes the Batman too far? What happens when an emotionally unstable Batman cannot think clearly? Then it is up to the Joker to save Gotham City. In a violent an all out street fight, Batman forces a handful of pills down his throat in front of the entire city. A beat down that was captured on social media and quickly brings all out condemnation from the public. Has the caped crusader gone too far? Can the public continue to accept this violent vigilante?

white knight2

“…I see Gotham more clearly than any of you. But you won’t admit it. To you, I’m just a psycho in makeup. You left me no choice, but to come here tonight, to prove it to you…”

The pills have a side effect no one expected. They have cured the clown prince of crime of his madness and he is now just Jack Napier. And Jack owes a debt to Gotham. He is going to clean the streets and bring peace to the city. To do so, he must first take on Gotham’s greatest villain: The Batman.

white knight3

Sean Murphy is a great comic book writer and he does what, currently with this group of writers we have now, so few are willing. He takes established characters down a path that may endanger their legacy and does so with respect and daring. The hero going bad is not a new concept. We were teased with this in Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy and see it often in the Superman comics where Lex Luthor is seen by the public as a good guy. A benefactor, heck Luthor was even the President of the United States for a time.

white knight4

But in White Knight, Murphy does more than tease. He walks right in and takes the best table.

Creative, good writing and kick ass art. Batman: White Knight is one of the best comics of 2017 and is sure to make an impact in 2018.

Don’t miss it!


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