Batman: White Knights issue #3 – Sean Murphy

white knigt
Batman: White Knight #3 by Sean Gordon Murphy cements the simple fact that this may be the best Batman story going right now. Definitely the best Joker story happening right now!

“…He’s a liar. Taking too many of those pills. Damn drug addict. Destroying the Joker legacy. And she’s enabling him. Anything for her desperate romance. She’s just another prison. Holding him back, thinking he won’t break loose. But the Joker’s more than just a man. He’s a riot…”

white knight2

Hell hath come to Gotham and the Joker’s in charge. Only it isn’t the Joker, not really, it’s Jack Napier and the original Harley Quinn, along with the mind control of the Mad Hatter and little pieces of Clayface, they have taken control of every criminal in Gotham. It is too much for the Batman and this time, Gotham is on the Joker’s side.

Dealing with a family tragedy, Batman, Nightwing and Batgirl are in no shape to take them all on. But help is coming, from a most unexpected source.

Seriously, if you have not picked this comic up yet than you are missing out. Sean Murphy has nailed this one. A broken Bat. A Joker with aspirations of being Lex Luthor. A Gotham torn asunder and a Bat Family falling apart. Plus every criminal there is and Harley times two.

white knight3

A great comic series not to be missed!


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